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The idea of making money from YouTube reaches $1000 per month | Talk about making a profit from YouTube

The idea of ​​making money from YouTube reaches $1000 per month | Talk about making a profit from YouTube

money from YouTube reaches $1000 per month

Creating a YouTube channel is a very good step towards achieving income and making money from the Internet, and YouTube is among the great platforms that will enable you to earn money, and as a first step you will need the idea of ​​creating a successful YouTube channel.

 In this exclusive article on the Earn Net blog, we will learn about the idea of ​​​​a successful YouTube channel through which you will be able to achieve very great results, whether in terms of profits, views, or even subscribers. The idea is simply a channel for videos about your country. 

You can start creating videos and introducing your country to the world, which is a very smart idea to profit from YouTube and make profits easily.

Explanation of how to profit from YouTube talking about your country

The idea of ​​a YouTube channel is one of the most important steps that you must focus on before starting to create videos and profit from YouTube. As we mentioned earlier, creating a channel about your country is one of the successful ideas that will enable you to achieve income and success on YouTube.

Do not underestimate the matter, as this idea enabled many to achieve millions of views, and it is a smart idea that will help you achieve great profits and views, and in this exclusive article from the Earn Net blog, we will learn through it in detail the idea of making money from YouTube up to $ 1000 per month, and we will share some tips To create a successful YouTube channel.

Why is there a good opportunity to profit from a YouTube channel about the country in which you live?

 There is a very big opportunity to profit from YouTube, by creating a YouTube channel that talks about your country. It may be a rather simple idea, but it will achieve great popularity, because in that place it may be considered a source or mine of golden ideas. 

There are several factors and points that make this idea successful in various ways, and enable you to profit from YouTube easily, including:

The country in which you live or your small city will be for you one of the most important topics, which have a close relationship with you and you will most likely be interested in and master it.

The place you live in is among the most topics or the most places about which you have a lot of information and ideas, and one of the topics around which your whole life revolves, and you can use it to create successful videos on YouTube and achieve great profits, without the effort to search for information and ideas.

2. You can address the topic in several different parties. By creating a channel that talks about the city or country in which you live, you will be able to create tens or even hundreds of videos, and you can talk about the famous and prevalent customs and traditions in that region. You can also talk about famous areas, from In order to attract more views.

3. This type of video achieves a lot of views, most people like to get to know new places, and they are curious about how people live in other countries, and it is great that your channel English instead of your mother tongue so that you can introduce your channel more.

4. This type of video makes a lot of profit because the clicks on ads or the price of ad clicks are very good, because this content is very suitable for advertisers or ads for tourism or travel.

5. Among the other factors that make this idea so successful is that you will enjoy your time and enjoy publishing every new video on your channel, because it will serve as a reason or a way to introduce your city and the place where you live.

6. Your content can reach the world, especially if your channel is in English, so you can achieve views from all over the world.

How do you determine the specialization of the content of the YouTube channel for your country?

Determining the specialization of your channel's content is very easy, as all you have to do is choose from dozens of existing directions, and your budget is also important and will help you determine the specialization of your channel.

You can be guided by answering the following questions:

Do you want to create a channel about your country as a whole, that is, to talk about your country in general, or to specialize in talking about a specific city?

What is the nature or type of content that you would like to be the focus of your channel? You can choose from several types of content, whether it is historical content, entertainment, nature content, or historical monuments and monuments.

Do you want your content to be diverse and share different topics about your country, including customs, traditions, tourist and natural attractions, ideas and cultures?

Who is your target audience?

Do you have a means of transportation that helps you photograph your city or country and create content about it?

How do you imagine your channel and the future of your channel in the coming years?

What is the purpose of creating a YouTube channel that talks about your country? Is your goal to profit from YouTube or are there other goals?

Ways to get content for your channel that talks about your country

1. Photograph the most important and famous landmarks in your area and publish them on your YouTube channel.

2. Create a video about the customs and traditions of your country.

3. If you live in an agricultural area or city, you can start introducing people to the basics of agriculture in that area.

4. You can create a series of videos that just talk about the kids in the city you live in, how they live, how they play and have fun.

5. You can create an episode, two episodes, a series, or historical documentary episodes that talk about this city and its ancient history.

6. You can create a documentary that talks about your city or the area in which you live.

7. Create videos about the most important areas where people congregate, whether they are cafes, restaurants, or famous areas in the city or the area in which you live.

8. You can start creating episodes about the most important personalities who lived or are still living in that area.

Creating a YouTube channel talking about Canada (as an example of implementing the idea)

In this paragraph, we will get acquainted with a model for implementing the idea in an easy way, so that you can learn how to create a YouTube channel about your country in the correct and successful way, and start profiting from YouTube.

Here are the most important points that you should keep in mind:

1. You can start talking about certain phenomena that occurred in Canada, whether they are astronomical phenomena or strange phenomena, or even give reasons for the astronomical phenomena that occur in Canada every day.

2. You can talk about the most important news and events that take place in Canada, for example.

3. You can take advantage of the Canadian trend and create videos on this topic or create videos related to what is promoted in the Canadian trend and achieve profits and views through it, especially since this method is considered one of the most successful methods ever.

4. You can start searching for historical areas or famous tourist areas in Canada and make videos about them on your channel.

5. Creating a Canadian channel that deals with the most important tourist and recreational areas, and with tips on how to enjoy the lowest cost in Canada.

6. You can start talking about some of the problems facing the residents of the country or the residents of the city in which you live.

Special tips for making a successful YouTube channel about your country

There are several tips that you must know before you start implementing this idea, and start making money from YouTube, including:

1. Look at your country with the eyes of a visitor, not a resident

When you create videos, try to look at your country with the eye of the visitor and not with the eyes of the resident, and try to share tips for visitors to your country and not for residents. Sometimes we forget how unique the countries we live in because we are used to seeing its features and effects, while for visitors and some viewers it is a different matter.

There are several ways through which you can determine what distinguishes your country or city, by identifying the areas that distinguish it, including:

  • areas and monuments
  • areas and natural features
  • Entertainment venues
  • Popular or famous food in your country
  • Events and festivals hosted by your country or country

2. Plans and costs

After we have identified the idea of the channel and the type of content, the next step will be planning the content creation process.

As for the costs of creating content, they are divided into:

  • The cost of the content itself, (in which case you will need to cover transportation costs)
  • The cost related to creating and preparing content and presenting it to followers, including the cost of filming, editing videos, making thumbnails, and others

3. Rely on yourself

We all know that creating content can be difficult, but despite that, you can initially rely on yourself in terms of filming, video editing, and editing thumbnails. You will also need to rely on yourself in communicating with business owners who want to advertise with you and your channel.

You can rely on yourself for almost everything, especially in your beginnings, because it will be a bit expensive. In the event that you want to hire people to help you, I do not advise you in the beginning.

Especially since profit from YouTube requires you to master different skills and a lot of writing skills and writing scenarios for videos to montage skills, photography skills and editing thumbnails, so you must master these skills well in order to achieve the best results, relying on yourself.

4. Plan your channel's future

Any YouTube content creator, whatever it was, will most likely have a dream of his own related to the final form in which he wants to see his channel, whether in terms of view numbers, subscribers, or profits.

Mostly, content creators start with weak capabilities, just to be on YouTube or in another concept, they just start to be called YouTubers and they don’t care about money or profits, and this is a very smart strategy that will enable them to continue on YouTube and continue publishing content, but despite that, you must set a motivating goal to fight Every day for him, whether a material or immaterial goal.

You must set a goal to achieve it and link it to a specific period and plan for every small and large in order to reach this goal.