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The volunteer opportunity in Spain is free and provides accommodation with a monthly salary

 The volunteer opportunity in Spain is free and provides accommodation with a monthly salary

Spain is free

Welcome to the opportunity to volunteer in Spain while enjoying free accommodation, a monthly stipend, and the opportunity to explore the diverse culture of this beautiful country.  In this blog, we will introduce you to a unique volunteer program offered by the Spanish Volunteering Foundation in the Ourense region.  Find out how you can help revitalize a small village and make a positive impact on the local community.  Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Spain!

 Why choose Spain as a volunteer destination?

 Known for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and kind people, Spain provides an ideal setting for volunteers looking for a meaningful and enriching experience.  Whether you are passionate about environmental conservation, community development, or cultural exchange, Spain has it all.  By volunteering in Spain, you are not only contributing to important projects, but you will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life, learn Spanish, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Volunteering Foundation in Spain

 The Spanish Voluntary Foundation is a prestigious organization dedicated to sustainable development and community empowerment.  The foundation is located in the Ourense region of Spain and focuses on rebuilding villages and preventing their disappearance.  Their vision is to create attractive opportunities for young people, encouraging them to leave the pressures of big cities behind and start a new life in the countryside.

 The role of volunteers

 As a volunteer in Spain, you will participate in various activities that contribute to the rejuvenation of the village.  Your tasks will range from planting organic gardens and renovating homes to supporting the logistics of Erasmus+ projects and organizing cultural events.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to contribute to documenting the village's fascinating history, ensuring that its stories are preserved for future generations.  By actively participating in these initiatives, you will play a crucial role in transforming the community into a thriving community.

 Training and support for volunteers

 To ensure your success as a volunteer, the Spanish Volunteering Foundation provides comprehensive training and support.  During the first month, you will undergo an orientation phase, where you will receive training in project management tools and learn how to organize, implement, evaluate and document youth activities.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to take Spanish language courses, allowing you to communicate effectively with the local community.

 Advantages of the volunteer program in Spain

 When you choose to volunteer in Spain with the Spanish Volunteering Foundation, you can expect a range of benefits.  These include

 Travel tickets: The Foundation covers the cost of your travel to and from Spain

 Monthly stipend: As a volunteer, you will receive a monthly stipend, allowing you to support yourself during your time at MEOS

 Free Accommodation: The establishment provides comfortable accommodation, ensuring that you have a safe and welcoming place to stay throughout your experience

Complimentary Meals: Enjoy delicious meals prepared with local ingredients, allowing you to indulge in the authentic tastes of Spanish cuisine

 Spanish Language Courses: Enhance your language skills with free Spanish language courses, making your interactions with locals more meaningful

 Assistance in obtaining a Schengen visa for Spain: The Foundation will provide support and guidance to simplify the visa application process

 Admissions criteria: Who are we looking for?

 The Spanish Volunteering Foundation is looking for young entrepreneurs with a real desire to make a difference.  They value educated and responsible individuals and have a strong cooperative spirit.  As a small community, it relies on mutual support and sharing.  Fluency in Spanish is not required, but some knowledge of the language is helpful, as locals speak mostly Spanish and Galician.  In addition, knowledge of social networks is highly valued, as it plays a vital role in project implementation

 How to apply for a volunteer opportunity

 You can apply directly through the link provided in the advertisement via the button below. Fill in your data and upload your CV and letter of intent.

Apply here

By embarking on this volunteer opportunity in Spain, you are opening yourself to a world of possibilities.  Not only will you contribute to the revival of a unique village, but you will also gain valuable skills, make lifelong friendships, and create unforgettable memories.  Don't miss the opportunity to explore Ourense's captivating landscape, taste the flavors of Spanish cuisine, and experience the warmth and generosity of the local community.  Apply now and be part of an amazing journey to make a lasting impact in Mós, Spain.  Together, we can create a brighter future for small communities and preserve the rich heritage of this beautiful country.